Sunday, June 29, 2008

July 19, 2008 Tourney

Hello everyone~ Welcome to Starlight Tavern's first ever tourney (and new blog)!!!! Of course we'll have more coming up~ But lets make this tourney a big success!

To register, either leave me a comment here, with your KGS username and rank, or PM Shiori or Moon98 on KGS. If either of us are not online on KGS, leave us a message ^^


1) NO sandbagging!!!!!! Doing so will result in instant disqualification.

2) This is a handi tournament, which means every game will have the required amount of handi given to the weaker player by default computer settings. You can choose to have less handis than the computer gives but not more. Be warned that if you choose to take 3 handis when you could have taken 5, and you lose, then its still a loss.

3) Time is 30:00 for main and 5 periods of 30 second byo-yomi.

4) Komi is 6.5 unless its a handi match, then its .5

5) If you fail to show at your match at starting time, you are allowed up to 15 minutes to come to the match, and however much time you take to come will be deducted from your game time.

Ex. If the match starts at 12, and you show at 12:10, then you will wait for 10 min during your first turn before making the move. Incidentally, if you show up after 15 min, its a disqualification.

6) All ranks must be showing and they must be solid.

Ex. No [-] or 16? or etc.

7. The tourney will be split into two sections, DDK (Double digit kyu) and SDK (Single digit kyu)

Each player will play at least two or three rounds, depending on the number of participants.

8. Lets all have fun~


Tourney Participants:


Starchaser [11k]

Dieinfire [12k]

Dienfire2 [12k]

Mike [12k]

Shiori [12k]

Suai [13k]

Nekofang [13k]

Moon98 [13k]

Shogiandgo [14k]

Easywin [14k]

Tannguyen8 [16k]

ImNotMarkN [26k]


TrungD [8k]

Gosnake [8k]

Shinobies [8k]



I might be able to get a Dan level player to play a teaching game with you and review. Of course, please understand that this is not always possible, and that if it isn't, the main objective of this tournament is to have as much fun as we possibly can^^

Starlight Tavern~

Heya everyone! Welcome to Starlight Tavern's blog and place of announcements. Starlight Tavern is a room on KGS dedicated to spreading the love of go~ Currently, it has two mods, me, Shiori, and Moon98.

Starlight Tavern is a place where people of all ranks can freely chat, play, and just exchange info in general, much like a real tavern. This was the purpose of creating this room.

In general, we are pretty much laid-back. But please be aware that there are rules to everything. Please follow KGS guidelines when in Starlight Tavern, and if one of the mods ask you to stop something with due reason, stop. I for one will not hesitate to report you to the admin if I feel things are getting out of hand.

Well, please enjoy your stay at ST ^_^